Studio Dunn is an award winning American design firm. The Architect’s Stool and Café Table are the most recent addition to an impressive portfolio of handcrafted, American made furniture.  Inspired by 19c task furniture for architects, both the stool and table are height adjustable.  Whetstone worked with Dunn to both prototype and produce the metal bases and features for these designs

Ben and Aja Blanc, a Providence, Rhode Island based design duo, specialize in American minimalism with their locally made, contemporary bespoke furniture and lighting designs.  The Moon Light is built with a hand rolled bronze or steel frame, and comes in a brushed or patinated finish.   


Jason Wu Collection

A furniture collaboration between Canvas, the Manhattan-based retailer and Fashion Designer Jason Wu, consisting of dining table, chairs, and a coffee table.  All pieces feature a welded steel base with a black oxide patina and hand-rubbed finish.  Highlights from this collection include custom tapered legs, machined brass buttons and an upholstered linen seat, all made in house at Whetstone Workshop. 

As seen in VOGUE Magazine


Line Drawn Lamp

This lighting fixture features a series of brass tubes, curved, and slotted, and connected by a cloth cord. The slots hold LED's that shine back against the wall.  Each bar can be adjusted, to change the quality of light.  A different pattern of light reflects on the wall every time it is moved, registering a temporary impression of the last use. 

Whetstone Workshop worked with Elish Warlop on prototypes into production for all brass components of her lamp.


Ring of Fire Lamp

Ring of Fire is one of 2 lamps inspired by hoop skirts from the early 1900s.  The brass hoops cast light from small tabs which act as handles.  The viewer can adjust each hoop from the handle, changing both shape and shadow.  


Steel Furniture Series

A collection of steel accent tables, shelving units, and dining tables designed by Canvas with their urban chic aesthetic.  Simple and versatile, Whetstone manufactures production runs of each piece as well as custom orders with specific dimensions for Canvas' clientele. All pieces feature a vintage metal oxide patina and are sealed with a hand rubbed finish which gives each surface a beautiful and unique appearance.  


4.5.4.SF - 7.10.7 SF - TIGO SF

Hexagon Metrology makes some of the finest and most sensitive measuring technology available. Whetstone worked in collaboration with OCTO PD to build carts housing Hexagon's Coordinate Measuring Machines (CCM), producing both the initial prototypes, and the first production run of the carts.  



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